Let's Start in the Garden

This is where you should start – back before any beginning, in the Garden. It’s so simple, but so deep, it will forever change the way you think and view yourself and others. It will take you into a new realm of reality, one that we hope changes your life.

Shalom & Welcome

Profound Simplicity

Our worldview is built into us by our parents, our country, education, society, the media we consume, the friends we spend time with, and ultimately, what we value. These sitting rooms are designed to help reshape our thought patterns from a temporal worldview to an eternal one. Transformation of your mind is a simple process, with profound, life-changing fruit, if you are willing to press into it. It is a process though, not something that happens overnight. We recommend repetition, often.

MBT Academy

The MBT Academy is a unique place of learning for people of any age. We have designed a series of what we call “Sitting Rooms”. These rooms utilize what we have learned from recent discoveries in Neuroscience that are foundational to the process of learning. In these Sitting Rooms you will develop a biblical vocabulary, build the fundamental concepts that are needed for learning Torah, and learn how to build new neural networks of Truth that promote transformational thinking.

We are continuing to develop new sitting rooms

We currently have 5 sitting rooms, but are always studying and expanding ourselves. With a membership to our sitting rooms, you will alway shave full access to every sitting room, and all of our online resources that we can share with you.


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