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The purpose of the Student Resource Center is to provide online materials for Students of Torah.  We will add to these resources, as they become available.

Articles and Study Tools

   In this section of our Student Resource Center you will find articles and study tools carefully chosen to assist in the kind of learning that we hope to provide for meaningful “Table Talk” in your home and when you gather together with friends who love to speak together within Timeless Torah Truths.

Be sure to read the material carefully within the context of what you are exploring in the MBTA Sitting Rooms.  These are truths that you need in repetition and in various connections of Torah Truths. So if you notice that it is something you have already read, it is important that you still re-read the material from within the context of the MBTA Sitting Room. Then sit and think within what you are reading.

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You Aren't at the Mercy of your Emotions, Your Brain Creates Them

In His Written Word, Our Father our Creator has given us precious descriptions to understand the creation that we are. This understanding gives us amazing wisdom to live life fully alive! Alive as we are created to be alive! In the MBT Academy we are exploring within the Word of God, these descriptions of the creation that we are. There is an expected match between what our Creator describes to us about the creation that we are and the discoveries that Neuroscience is making. There would be a match! Because the research being done in the fields of Neuroscience are results found by observing that which is created. Because of the technology that is available now, these observations are now able to be very accurate observations. Therefore, the descriptions of what is now observable, are accurate descriptions. The descriptions coming out of the research of the last 25 yrs are descriptions of that which is created by our Father our Creator. The match between the findings of this research and the descriptions in God’s Word of the creation that we are is exciting to see! As the Creator, God gives us the description of how to live exactly the creation that we are. And He gives that description in His Written Word. Careful study of the written Word of God, reveals His descriptions to us. It is an awesome journey of study. We invite you to join the students of the MBT Academy hosted here in this website. Here in The Student Resource Center you will find items of interest and much to think about. This video posted here introduces to us critical information about our emotions. In the MBT Academy we will be exploring the meaning of this research within the life instructions of our Father our Creator as they are written.

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